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Xpadder - Ladda ner Xpadder, version Free

För närvarande finns det ingen recension av programmet: Xpadder, version Free. Om du vill skriva en recension av programmet, var vänlig gör så och skicka den till oss så inkluderar vi den gärna här.

Although Xpadder is still being developed and seems to be heading towards a paid option, the latest freeware release is worth having a look at. This resourceful tool can detect when a controller has been connected and immediately provides the ability to configurate it according to your needs. If you choose to, you can have a different profile for each game and, as the profile set-up procedure is so straightforward, it’s well worth taking the time to customise one for each of your applications. When setting up the Mouse options, you have the choice to run tests to ensure everything is operating correctly and you have the level of sensitivity for your needs. Once the configuration is complete, you can take advantage of your new console even with games where controllers are not supported. If you’re one of those people who simply can’t decide if your performance in a game is enhanced by mouse and keyboard or if you play better with a gamepad, this is definitely for you. A neat utility that you can play around with until you find your ultimate combination. Xpadder gives you a lot of features without taking up huge reserves of memory; in fact, it doesn’t even need to be installed. A useful tool with a variety of functions.

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Senast uppdaterad:10/4/2017
Operativsystem som stöds: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Språk: Svenska, Spanska, Tyska, Engelska, Indonesiska, Italienska, Mer...
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